Higher Courtroom Attendance

Leverage the power of courtLogin's online courtroom platform to securely hold court and take fee payments from anywhere.

Meet Securely

You are covered with industry leading security and privacy, all your data is encrypted.

Recorded Sessions

Record all your courtroom sessions for review later, and download them whenever you need.

Receive Payments

Have attendees pay their fees online through our secure portal, 100% contactless


Fighting COVID Together

Beating COVID-19 will take all of our help. You can help the cause by reducing the number of reasons people have to go into public.

The numbers are in, and the choices are clear - either we fight this disease or we let it continue to spread. At courtLogin we are dedicated to helping to reduce social contact, defeating the virus by reducing its chances to spread.

We are taking that mission a step further by providing cutting edge security and communication solutions to help our cities both through the crisis and beyond.

Online Payment

Get Paid in Real-Time

Reduce paper, physical contact, warrants, and suspensions with instant modern payment methods. Court fees, tickets, and other payments received through our secure system not only eliminate chances for the contagion to spread during payment, they increase your revenue and reduce your hassle!

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Request Payment Instantly

Send payment requests digitally using a user's preferred communication method in seconds.

Flexible Payment Options

Leverage modern online contactless payment methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card, and more, allowing users to pay instantly where they are and how they want.


eReceipts & Invoices

Automatically send users a digital invoice/receipt for their online payment.

Faster Payments

By leveraging faster and more convenient payment methods, users can pay their court fees instantly, delivering a faster conversion time, less warrants, and better experience for everyone.

Fewer Missing People

With the flexibility to hold court virtually, people dont have to spend the time finding time off work, getting a babysitter, and saving from the other logistics of getting to court.

Sign To Enter

Require that defendants are read their rights, attornies have appropriately signed in, that everyone has approved that the session is being recorded, and any other requirement you may have.

Faster & Easier Payments

Send out fee notifications using modern communication protocols, allowing payments that are both contactless and instant decreasing time to get paid and delinquent payments.

Realtime Reporting

Get realtime reports about who is joining your court session, and control who is taking part at any given time.

How It Works

Getting started is easy. We can set up your online courtroom in as little as a single business day! Contact us now, and we can have you holding court online by the end of the day tomorrow.

  1. Reach out!


    Reach out so that we can get the ball rolling on your account, you will receive a brief questionnaire.

  2. The ball starts rolling…

    Hours Later

    We answer any questions and will start work right away provisioning your service

  3. Answer brief questionnaire…

    Tomorrow Morning

    You will receive an email asking for how your courtroom should be setup along with an initial invoice

  4. Provisioning finalized

    Tomorrow Mid-Day

    We will implement the forms and customizations required to taylor-make your service to fit your needs

  5. User training & launch

    Tomorrow Afternoon

    Finally we will connect with your team and ours to convert your staff into power-users of our platform, and walking you though your launch


Take Your Courtroom Online Today!

We are happy to talk you through any questions you may have with how you can best leverage your online courtroom!

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